Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Litspiration Challenge: Characterization

To analyze characterization in "The House of the Scorpion" we were told to either make a song playlist, Instagram or Twitter account, for a character. We chose to do an Instagram account for Maria Mendoza. This our analysis of her character.

In the introductory parts of the book, Maria is very inconsiderate for the feelings of others due to an immature disregard for qualities such as empathy and the emotions of others. This usually lead to comments that hurt the feelings of others. Despite all this Maria's juvenile characteristics start to change due to her experiences at the convent where she matures. This is demonstrated in our Instagram account through a progression of the quality of posts. The posts near the beginning are generic and juvenile and as the posts progress they become less immature.

Maria tries to be kind to everyone (or at least she tries to) even if they are not necessarily deserving of respect. Despite Tom’s actions Maria still appeared to support him indirectly (defending him when Matt was insulting him, and when he was sent to the baby table by Matt). Another example of Maria’s acceptance is her treatment of Matt. While actively patronizing him due to his lack of a soul, being a clone (this not so much), she is willing to listen and talk to him.

Actions are a crucial component in characterization as it reveals many things about a character. Maria had decided to stay with Matt when he first came to the bug house despite the warnings and reactions of the other characters. This may reveal an innocent characteristics reminiscent of a typical child. Children are usually more open and without bias due to their young age. This is represented in our project through a “casual throwback post”. This also may indicate that Maria may be a very caring person and this is represented by the toffee post as it indicates her initial intentions when giving the present.

To conclude Maria has developed throughout the story and it will be interesting how Maria will further develop in the story. She is kind, affectionate, and unique from other characters.

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