Thursday, 23 February 2017

Harkness Discussion #2

A Harkness discussion is when multiple people converse on a certain topic/s. Individuals are responsible for different roles in these discussions. The moderator, the person in responsible for developing questions to guide the conversation and to keep it on "track". The cartographer is responsible for tracking the "flow" of conversation by recording the exchange between the group. This can look like:

 The recorder records the conversation for future reference. Our group did not have trouble adding their ideas when they had the chance. There were a few people that were quieter than others but that is because they were doing their assigned responsibilities. The more talkative people in the group would consistently interrupt others but this wasn't quite noticeable due to the quality of the recording. We concluded that the best moment of our discussion was from 4:00 and onwards.  For our next discussion, I think we can include the quiet people more. To do this we will need to discuss in an assigned order.

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